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image of dog taking a selfie
image of a dog taking a selfie

What is your pooch up to? Check out one of our webcams!

The webcams are right below but, before you get there, check out some of the special offers that we've put into place for your pooch!

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Gourmet Treats!

Treat your dog to one of our gourmet treats during their playcare! Available in 3 tasty flavors

*Ask us about our frequency card and how to get one free!

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Additionl Offers:

• We'll pick-up & drop-off your pup so they can still play with their best friends!
• Pets will be towel dried before leaving if you would like a blow and brush spruce up we will set you up. Fee is $7-$15 based on pet size
• Antibacterial Baths - Using our premium shampoo upgrade.
• Vet Services: Our mobile vet comes by weekly for vaccinations & health exams.
• Food Shipments: Let us order your dog food so you don't have to worry about going in the store. Pick-up from us, or we deliver to your door!
• Don't forget Swimming, Hot Meals, & Treats!

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Pet Pampering:

• Deluxe Spa Packages: Includes nail trim, ear-cleaning, and scent expression w/bath.
• Micro-Bubble Bath: Helps clean out pores and has benefits for their coat.
• Shampoo Upgrades: Select from a variety of premium shampoos for extra benefit.
• Teeth Brushing: Clean your pup's pearly whites!

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Updated Specials:

• Coming Soon!
• Coming Soon!
• Coming Soon!
• Coming Soon!

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Tails of Hawaii WebCams:

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