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Pet Relocation Services
Tail Movers is available take over of the stress of relocating your pets. Our global partner members of IPATA (International Pet Transport Association) provide a vast network to assist us in moving pets around the world, to the Mainland or one of our beautiful neighbor Islands. Please be aware that you don't have to be moving to or from Hawaii for us to ship your pet!

We actually specialize in international moves! We can move your pet to/from: Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, and Europe. Your pet doesn't even have to come through Hawaii for you to use our services. We have evolved our services so that we can offer this to anyone traveling almost anywhere that needs help getting their pet to their new destination, safely.

Our mission is to treat your fur-amily as if they were our very own. Stress minimization and fastest routes with reliable handlers at each stop ensure a safe journey for your pet. Whether you are going from LAX to Honolulu or somewhere else, we will take the hassle out of it for you. We can also provide a crate for dog travel and comfort items to make your pet's journey First Class. Our "Tail Mover" service can also ship almost any kind of pet. From cats and dogs to birds and more. We even recently shipped a lion! Whether you are looking to move your pet to Hawaii or abroad, we are your comprehensive Pet Travel Agent.

Tails of Hawaii will take care of the following:

• Assist with documentation prep & confirmation.
• Transportation using our own "Pet Taxi."
• Assist with vet inspections & crate prep.
• Flight booking & tracking
• Pet delivery to your door, or arrangements for you to meet them at the destination.

Your Pet Parent Portal can be accessed with the following link:

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Tail Taxi

Need help getting your pet to Tails or other destinations? Try our Tail Taxi. Prices vary on time and distance.

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Pet Relocation Services

Relocating pets to Hawai'i can be can be overwhelming and puzzling!

Tail Movers is our team of pet relocation specialist available to ease the stressful event of moving. We are one of the most experienced pet movers to Hawaii, and our global partner members of IPATA (International Pet Transport Association) provide a vast network to assist us in moving pets around the world, to the Mainland or one of our beautiful neighbor Islands. We offer an array of services and commodities to get your pet delivered door to door safe and swift! Below is a list of basic services, we also provide travel crates for dogs and other pets as well as comfort items to make your pets journey First Class!

Veterinary Services:

Tail Movers provides onsite Clinic services or we will communicate with your veterinarian to assure all destination inspections and vaccination requirements are met.

Document Preparation:

All import, export, or quarantine forms will be prepared and certified.

Time Table, Flight Arrangements and Travel Tracking

A time table and schedule of events will be provided once your flights are arranged. TM will book flights with your pet’s best interest in mind. Should your pet need pre-departure arrangements at our pet hotel we have the best accommodations on island! Once our specialist has turned your pet over to the airline we will send a picture and begin tracking your pet’s journey.

Arrival Arrangements

When arriving to destinations outside of Hawaii IPATA network partners are available to collect your pet and deliver them to your new home or you may opt to meet them at designated pick up locations. All International Export inspections will be arranged and handled by certified IPATA shippers. When arriving to Honolulu, your pet can either be delivered to your door or kept with us, and enjoy the fabulous Tails of Hawaii Pet Hotel. All fees will be collected at upon completion of journey less original deposit placed.

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